”Magical Melange” (Times of India)

A Melodic Melange of Nordic Jazz and Arabic Maqam.

A breathless meeting between musicians with a telepatic communication.

The collaboration between Anders and Palestinian oud player Ahmad al Khatib has resulted in the album Melodic Melange where they play with Paris based percussionist Youssef Hbeisch and Swedish bass player Johannes Lundberg. Anders and Ahmad tour regulary in India with tabla player Fazal Qureshi and other indian artists. An album, Ley Lines was launched 2013.

The project CONNECTING WORLDS is 2016 launching a new series of concerts at Frölunda Culture House in Gothenburg. Anders is hosting artists from the Middle East, India and Sweden in three unique settings.In 2014  Connecting Worlds created new music for the four musicians and a string ensemble.
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