”An enchanting musician who unites the improvised freedom of jazz with an archaic quality.” UNT

“A fantastic interpretation of waves, winds and the singing of whales.” GT

The Contrabass Flute is one of many amazing colors in a site specific performance that has been given at openings, art exhibitions, concerts, dance performances and caves. Beautiful, dramatic and rhythmic playful improvisations and soundscapes are created in close interplay with the acoustics of the space.

At the Nordic Watercolor Museum Anders created the performance, RED with dancer Anna Wennerbeck inspired by art of Louise Bourgeois and the opening for Bill Viola Video art Waters.

AH: Contrabass Flute, C-, Matusi- & overtone fl, sopranosax, mouth harp, perc. fx

DUO collaborations:  Lisbeth Diers (perc), Embla Dance , Suranjana Ghosh, tabla (see also Of Air, WinduoAhmad,)