ANDERS HAGBERG - Flautist, saxophonist, composer, pedagogue.

”Magical Melange”  Times of India

“Exquisite world jazz, both rhythmically rich and mellifluous…” Lira

“Hagberg plays…constantly inventive and with a highly vocal quality to his musicianship.” GP

”Celestial inspiring music freed from the annoyance of labels.”   all about jazz

”As an improviser, Hagberg conveys the magic of this archaic world.” M. Allgemeine

” Hagberg was superb”  Rochester City NP



*CONNECTING WORLDS at Gothenburg  Concert House

*Solo concert, Faroe Island Cave

*US TOUR: Updates


New album

*”LEY LINES” now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon
*Quartet VIDEOS: Gtonga  Zawinul    Välkommen   Caravan